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Read the book for grades 9-12 first, or visit the other grade's books!

You can flip through the book below this section!

Clean and Beautiful
(Grades 9-12)

Download the book by clicking the yellow download arrow below, or open the book right away by clicking the book cover!

Clean and Beautiful
(Grades K-2)

Clean and Beautiful
(Grades 3-5)

Clean and Beautiful
(Grades 6-8)

Flip through the Clean and Beautiful book below!

Below are the Clean and Beautiful Activities for Grades 9-12. Each activity is worth points! Some activities are graded automatically for correctness and some are not. When you submit an activity, a popup will show with either the points you gained or a button to click that will award you points after completing the activity. The page may need refreshed to show points earned.

All activities can be completed multiple times, but can only collect points once per day. You must be registered and logged in to gain and track points! To track your points, click "My Profile". This will show your overall total points and a breakdown of how they were earned!

Good luck, make Spencer proud!

Heromode Shawn

Let's keep Prince George's County Litter-free Clean Beautiful Proud Together!

Heromode Rolando
Artwork from the Grades 9-12 Book
Artwork from the Grades 9-12 Book
Artwork from the Grades 9-12 Book

Mission 1: Looking Back to Move Forward

Complete the crossword puzzle below to review what we have learned! To fill in the crossword puzzle, click a box and type the corresponding letter then click the next box or hit the enter key to move down the row or column to finish typing the word. Incorrect answers highlight red and correct answers will highlight green!

1. The largest watershed in the United States that covers six states and the District of Columbia
2. Anything that can cause harm to the environment
3. To decrease or eliminate the use of an item
4. To use something more than once for the same or new purpose
5. Trash that is left on the ground or in other open areas
6. A place where all rainwater will drain and collect at the same place
7. Along with the wind this form of precipitation can carry pollution to our nearby waterways
8. Trash that ends up in our waterways
9. Residents, businesses, and organizations can do this to a stream in Prince George’s County to help reduce litter
10. To take something old and turn it into a new item that can be used
11. These type of bottles and bags are a major source of pollution in our nearby waterways
12. Prince George’s County uses this type of litter trap to trap litter and other forms of debris in a stream before it reaches the Anacostia River

Mission 2: Keeping It Clean in The Neighborhood


Organize a cleanup for your street and ask others in your household to join you.

Download the PGCLitterTRAK application on your smart phone or tablet to help Prince George’s County keep track of the type and amount of litter collected during your cleanup.

This mission has 2 steps! When you are finished with Step 1: Consider the 5 W's, click the Next button to complete Step 2: Post Cleanup Observations.

The Prince George’s County Department of the Environment’s Litter Reduction Program can assist you with your cleanup by providing bags and gloves. If you take any pictures or videos during your cleanup, please tag #pgcsprout on social media.
Maryland Blue Crab


According to the Ocean Health Index, these are the top six marine debris items found in cleanups over the last 25 years. Review the items below and develop a policy that would reduce or eliminate at least one of the items from the waste stream. The overwhelming majority of these items started out as litter on land before making its way down our waterways and into the ocean. For an example of a policy go to: http://environment.mypgc.us/foamfree

1. Cigarettes and filters
2. Food wrappers and containers
3. Bottle caps and lids
4. Tableware
5. Plastic bottles
6. Plastic bags

Baltimore Oriole

Mission 4: Using Art as a Tool for Engagement

Spencer Pointing at Kim

Many people are unaware that our storm drains release water directly into our local waterways like the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers. This means that if people throw trash in or near the storm drain it has a direct route to our rivers.

Activity: Design your own storm drain. Draw or write a message to discourage people from littering in the storm drain. Let them know where the water goes.

Storm Drain with Drawings on It
Spencer, what happened to you? What can we do to help?
What happened? I’ll tell you what happened. Somewhere along the way we stopped caring for our communities and started littering, leaving trash all over the ground. This trash would get swept up by wind and rain and end up in our nearby waterbodies like lakes, streams, and rivers. It would travel as far as the Chesapeake Bay and on to the Atlantic Ocean.
So, here’s what you can do. I need you to spread the word for me! Make sure all your classmates read this book and do all the things it says - recycle things that can be recycled, reuse items that can be used again, and properly dispose of trash in the right place!
“Not only did it take away from the beauty in our community and cause potential harm to wildlife that mistake the litter for food but it also has polluted the water causing harm to fish and other marine animals like our beloved Maryland blue crab.”
- Spencer the Sprout
You see, I’m trapped and I can’t do the work I desperately need to do to keep Prince George’s County beautiful and protect our watershed!
Blue Recycling Bin

Mission 5: Inspire Others to Act

Aluminum Cans

Getting rid of Putrid the Polluter is going to take teamwork.
Which Action Will You Choose?

Spencer and a Speech Bubble

Activity: Create your social media campaign.

Purpose: To inspire others to take action so that we will collectively reduce our impact on the environment.

Putrid the Polluter

Mission 6: Is it True or False

Spencer After the Ever-Landfill

Now it’s time to see how much you really know. Evaluate each statement below and put a check mark to indicate whether it is true or false.

1. The Anacostia and Patuxent River Lower are two local watersheds located within Prince George’s County that are a part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

2. The Chesapeake Bay is longer than the Mississippi River.

3. Prince George’s County was the first County in Maryland to ban single use foam products.

4. Litter can enter our local waterways if it is disposed of in the storm drain.

5. The Chesapeake Bay watershed is the largest estuary in the United States with over 100,000 streams, creeks, and rivers draining to the Bay.

6. Taking care of our local watershed can have a positive impact on the health of the Chesapeake Bay.

7. Blue Crabs, which are a very important part of the Maryland economy, are strong enough to fight off pollution.

8. Businesses in Prince George’s County charge a fee for single use plastic bags.

9. Mussels, clams, and oysters filter the water around them.

10. The water quality of our local rivers, streams, creeks, and lakes, is not as important as the health of the Chesapeake Bay.

Heromode Characters and a Haiku

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Spencer with a Red Backpack
Hi there! My name is Spencer the Sprout.

Join me in completing activities for Grades K-12. Together by learning how to reduce, reuse, and recycle, we can keep Prince George’s County Clean and Beautiful!
Grades K-2 Sprout
Grades K-2
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Grades 3-5
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Grades 6-8
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Grades 9-12

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Mission 1

Hey! If you successfully completed the crossword puzzle, click below to earn points!


  • You earn 16 points for finishing the crossword puzzle!
Heromode Shawn
Once you finish designing your storm drain and have submitted your drawing, click the button below to earn points!


  • You earned 6 points for your creativity!

Mission 4

Spencer After the Ever-Landfill

Mission 2

Hey! You get 20 points for submitting this activity. Thanks for keeping it clean in the neighborhood!


  • You earn 20 points for keeping it clean in the neighborhood!
Heromode Kim

Mission 3

Hey! You get 20 points for submitting this activity. Thanks for creating a pollution prevention policy!


  • You earn 20 points for creating a pollution prevention policy!
Heromode Rolando

Mission 5

Thanks for inspiring others to act! You are making a different. You earn 13 points for committing to keep Prince George’s County clean!


  • Thanks for inspiring others to act! You earn 13 points for your hard work.
Spencer After the Ever-Landfill

Activity 4

Hey there! You submitted the activity. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Keep going!


  • You earn 5 points for submitting this activity!
Spencer Reading the Grades 3-5 Clean and Beautiful Book
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